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Welcome to the special hell.

We have cake.

11/26/13 03:49 am

50p does not mean fifty pounds.

8/28/12 01:23 am

It's rare for me to actually post things here, but that's become something of a vicious circle: I don't post here because I don't post here. If I have something to say, why not say it?

I have something to say right now, and that something is an extremely belated but heartfelt thank you to the people involved in the creation of dueSouth, in particular the season one episode A Hawk And A Handsaw, for treating mentally ill people with respect for once. Thank you for admitting that they have motivations and personalities and the possibility of a meaningful life. Thank you for not reducing them to wacky hijinks or violent freaks who should be locked away from normal people. Thank you for providing the most basic human decency, which is all too often absent. I actually honestly cried.

My other recent run-ins with mental illness in fiction include Revenge - in which the main character finds out that another character is on anti-psychotics, immediately assumes he's violent, and is quickly proven right - and Warehouse 13, which throws around the C-word like it's going out of style and subscribes to the "Kill us all or put soup in our hair" school of insanity, so this dueSouth episode came as a great relief.

10/24/11 10:24 pm

Apparantly it's asexuality awareness week! So, uh. Asexuality. It's a thing. Be aware.

6/14/11 11:16 pm - For my yaoi-ambivalent sistren

For those among us who adore yaoi in theory but are put off by the often… interesting ideas about consent and what constitutes a healthy relationship, I have begun compiling a list of non-creepy yaoi manga. If anyone has any recs they’d like to share, I’ll add them to the list with credit.

Please be aware that not all manga by authors on this list are safe.

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2/13/10 02:27 pm

Title: Five Last Kisses
Rating: PG13
Summary: Everything ends, sooner or later.
Pairings: Mohinder/Sylar, Bennet/Claude, Peter/Nathan, Sylar/Luke, Mohinder, Molly. In that order, all clearly marked so you can pick which ones not to read.
Warnings: Incest, both for Peter/Nathan and Sylar/Luke. Angst. Mentions of violence.
A/N: Heh. It's been a while since I actually finished something. Go me!

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1/7/10 11:58 pm

Background for those on my flist who are not UK residents... which I think is all of you, actually. Go figure. Anyway, it's been snowing rather a lot here. Schools shut down, old people trapped in their homes kind of snowing. It's absolutely gorgeous, especially in the mornings while it's still pristine. The canal is frozen solid. I stood on it. It was awesome. Dangerous, especially since I was alone in a fairly secluded area, but it was only for a few seconds and it seemed pretty solid when I stamped on it.

I'd be able to appreciate the sight better if it weren't for my paper round. Yeeaah. I... kind of didn't do it this week. My back was killing me by the time I'd gotten halfway down the street trying to drag that damn heavy thing through the snow, and the streets are pretty dangerous in some places, with the ice. I'll do it on the weekend, if it's cleared up by then, which it probably won't have. If I don't have college tommorrow, it because the weather's just like it has been today. I'm not about to kill myself for a fiver. Screw 'em.

12/13/09 12:55 pm

Man, I've got to stop going through the tags on FFR et al. I keep coming across stuff I missed and wanting to say things, but I can't, because it's ancient and nobody cares anymore.

The most recent example is this post, particularly this thread. I want to tell Kazaera how much I love her for this. I want to talk about the transwank that occured in my class recently, and how I said nothing in response to their offensive comments because I have to interact with these people for at least another year. I want to talk about how I freeze up in RL conversations and end up agreeing with people automatically no matter what they're saying, because I'm just trying not to show how badly I'm falling behind in the conversation, when online I can actually THINK about what I'm saying. I want to blow up at the people calling the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory "A type of Asperger's", even though Kaz is right and it wouldn't do any good anyway.

Ah well. I'll post it here instead.

12/11/09 10:33 pm - I gave in. I'm reading the damn book.

Man, Edward is a dick. I mean, I knew that, but... I've just reached the part where Bella tells Edward that she was going to try to defend herself from the muggers, and Edward gets angry at her for it. There have been other moments where I wanted to smack him, but now I want to kick him in the balls too.

As for Bella, well. I wouldn't say she has no personality whatsoever. She's whiney and shallow and melodramatic. Those are all personaility traits, right? Honestly, though, I can be pretty melodramatic myself, and if I'm in the right mood it can be enjoyable. I can even get over the endless droning on about mundanities because I'm fairly sure Smeyer's trying to make a point of some description; something about vampires being mundane in this world, I guess.

On the bright side, I've seen a lot which suggests (to me, at least) that the creepiness is intentional. That, or he's supposed to be dangerous and sexy. I don't know, and I'm not sure I want to.

Regardless of whether or not I actually like it (I still haven't decided), I'm certainly not bored.

11/14/09 10:38 pm

So, uh. I just watched Twilight. Don't judge me. It was on, it was free, and I was really bored. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The worst part? It was actually pretty good, apart from how seriously disturbing it was. I think that as long as I pretend to myself that Smeyer meant their relationship to be as fucked up as it actually is, I could get into it; I like disfunctional relationships. See my OTP.

I own't read the books, though, just watch the movies. I've read extracts, and the purple prose and repetition are just way too much.

What I really want now, though, is fic about how Bella became the kind of person who thinks that this kind of relationship is healthy. Yeah, she's a teenager - very much so - and she's melodramatic and convinced that she knows everything, and she thinks vampires are romantic. Lots of women think vampires are romantic. Hell, I have a vampire kink, possibly related to my disfunctional relationships kink. This, though? This crosses a line. This crosses many lines. Her obsession with him is as deep as his obsession with her, and I get why Edward's fucked in the head - being seventeen for a hundred years will do that to you - but Bella?

I'd write it if I thought I could pull it off, but I know I can't. There's got to be something like that out there, though, right? It's a huge fandom, there has to be at least one person who likes it for the same reasons as me.

9/29/09 05:42 pm

Fandom: Fringe
Title: The Nature of Friendship
Rating: PG for very vague mentions of violence
Characters/Pairings: Charlie, Olivia gen
Summary: Olivia's going through a lot right now, and doesn't have time to be a great friend. Charlie gets it. Really.

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